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Hello, my name is Joe Seifert.  I have a wide range of experience in producing and directing animations, illustration and motion graphics projects. I've worked in large agencies as well as small startups.  From big pharmaceutical to music videos, my career has allowed me to cover a variety of creative bases.  I consider myself a jack-of-all trades with a heavy focus on aesthetics and branding. I am a traditionally trained 2D animator/illustrator with a history in sales and marketing.

My Skills


I offer a variety of services in the creative field and can apply them to a variety of application platforms.

Motion Graphics


Motion Graphics is my bread and butter.  After Effects and C4D are always open and running on my machines.  Lets take your creative stagnate content and put some sizzle on that steak . .

"spatial augmented reality" for the pinkie raisers.  I love creating content in harmony with mapping projectors to real world objects. .


3D Modeling

Squash & Stretch, weight, and timing.  All things I learned when I was traditionally trained as a 2D animator.  Although the technology has changed, I respect and apply these methods . .

Modeling, texturing, lighting, unwrap, rigging and animation.   I have a huge passion for the 3D arts and love bringing characters and products to life . .

Video Editing

Hey we have a hard drive with 1,400 unorganized shots and need something to show the client by end of day.

There is no script, there is no direction,

 . . challenge accepted . .

Voice Acting

I have over a decade of experience in traditional terrestrial broadcast and have done VO work for a variety of commercials.

fine. . I'll do it . . "In a world" . .


Demo Reel

and much much more!

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